Coaching for The Compassionate Leader

We work with clients to improve a broad range of skills needed to achieve both personal and professional goals. Our Coaching philosophy is based on the premise that through asking the right questions, challenging assumptions, and developing one’s authentic voice, we move clients towards their goals. In addition, we believe that the feedback provided by working with an honest and impartial coach more rapidly sharpens a clients’ inherent strengths and leads to sustainable growth

Executive Coaching

Improve leadership skills, strengthen resilience,
enhance decision-making while keeping one
true to a set of core values. Our work is to help
create a decisive leader that is mindful of the
impact on the team

Compassion Cultivation Training

A powerful and transformational program that
brings forward your compassionate stance


We work with both businesses and private individuals to help resolve conflicts and find solutions in the workplace and personal life. We have an effective track record of preventing costly litigation, creating agreements that generate mutually satisfying resolutions and rebuild family connections