Compassion Cultivation Training ™

The Compassion Cultivating Training program trains people and groups to move through life and its challenges with a steady mind, courage, and resilience from a place of connection and inner strength.

CCT is an 8-week course, including:

    • Weekly 2-hour class, with lectures, discussions, & in-class interactive exercises
    • Daily meditation practices that progress from week to week
    • “Homework” to help you move new practices into long term habits

Research has shown CCT can lead to:

    • Calmness
    • Acceptance
    • Job satisfaction
    • Decrease prejudices and biases
    • Compassion for self and others

Dr Gama Lima will be scheduling workshops for the fall in the Greater Phoenix area.

8-week CCT workshop

Week 1    Steady & calm the mind
Week 2    Loving-kindness & compassion for a loved one
Week 3    Compassion for oneself
Week 4    Loving-kindness for oneself
Week 5    Common humanity & developing appreciation for others
Week 6    Compassion for others
Week 7    Active compassion practice
Week 8    Integrated daily compassion cultivation practice

This 8-week training developed at Stanford University Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE).


Work with substance


Reach out to others


Achieve your goals

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